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Quality and reliability

Quality and reliability are our top priorities - because security demands it! Reliable video surveillance products must meet very high quality standards. Worldwide certifications and awards confirm the high quality standard of Dallmeier Video over IP systems.

When you are buying a video surveillance system, how can you tell that the system is reliable from the moment you purchase it? Certifications are important quality assurances that users and installers alike can rely on. By reference to the independent testing procedures the performance descriptions of different video surveillance systems can be compared to each other objectively and security personnel can be sure that the equipment used is suited for the application.
As a manufacturer of video surveillance systems our top priority is to provide the user with a high-quality and reliable security system. A company that develops and manufactures its products according to the most stringent quality guidelines need not shy away from an official certification procedure. Quite the contrary, because after all a corresponding certificate clearly shows that the praised product features are not merely marketing aids, or empty promises by the manufacturer. The certificate rather proves that the high security standards are confirmed by independent testing institutes.

Through the many international certifications and awards, that we and our Video over IP products have received, we constantly prove to our customers that we are on the right track with our corporate philosophy "Quality first".