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Cluster networks

Cross-company collaboration
Dallmeier places heavy emphasis on the development of reliable, future-oriented innovations that users can actually profit from. To ensure the most efficient and
practicable research possible, Dallmeier works closely together with universities and polytechnic colleges as well as research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institut. The company also actively participates in various clusters and networks such as the IT Security Cluster, the Sensorik Cluster (for sensor technology) and the Network for Innovative Logistics. In addition, Dallmeier also takes part in numerous inter­national cooperative associations such as the ESSMA (European Stadium and Safety Management Association).

Dallmeier electronic is member of the IT Security Cluster
In science and economy, Eastern Bavaria has excellent competences in the IT Security sector. In order to boost this strength, the IT Security Cluster Initiative has been created in 2004.

In the context of this initiative numerous events have already been organised. The signing of a strategic partnership, where Dallmeier is taking part, is enforcing the initiative.

The aim of the partnership is to profile Eastern Bavaria in the IT Security sector nationwide through joint efforts, thus augmenting the market opportunities of Eastern Bavarian companies developing, manufacturing, applying or marketing IT security products and services. The partnership is supposed to ensure a rapid realisation of scientific results by connecting all players on place and therefore strengthen the innovation of Eastern Bavarian companies and universities.

Dr. Herbert Vogler, managing director of the “IT-Speicher“ in Regensburg, calls this networking “active cluster management for the IT sector in the Upper Palatinate“. A “cluster” for him is the networking of science, research and companies within one region.

Besides Dallmeier companies such as Infineon, Telekom or TVI Lederer signed the cooperation agreement – with the aim to share each others’ strengths and to offer complete solutions in order to fulfil customers’ requirements event better than now.

Dallmeier is a member of the Sensors Cluster
The strategic partnership Sensors e.V. is a Bavarian cluster platform focusing on the subject of sensors, with an emphasis on coporate networking and promoting innovation. In these areas Dallmeier, as a member, is actively involved in the actions of the sensors cluster and integrated into the network.

The Sensors Cluster in and around Regensburg is charcaterised by a manufacturing cluster with a focus on technical, physical security and a research cluster focusing on chemical and biochemical sensors.

In the field of technical, physical security the business location Regensburg is noted for a regional cooperation between large corporations and small and mdium-sized companies as well as for a high level of developmental and manufacturing competence across the companies.

Dallmeier is member of the Network for Innovative Logistics (NIL)
The Network for Innovative Logistics, abbreviated NIL, has made it its goal to provide comprehensive IT logistics solutions and services for manufacturing, warehousing and transportation. The initiative is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In all seven companies as well as both of Regensburg's universities pool competences from all areas of the logistics chain and together develop new solutions and innovative products.

Within the scope of the NIL project the two companies Dallmeier and initPRO work on the integration of RFID data into video images.

Dallmeier is member of CNA and ITS
Dallmeier is a member of CNA since October 2013. The mission of the association is, in cooperation with IHK, IG Metall and towns and businesses in the Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen/Schwabach region, to develop a network dealing with questions of transportation and logistics, and to obtain competitive advantages for its members through the exploitation of mutual synergies.

Dallmeier also joined the expert network ITS – Munich Germany, which is dedicated to promoting the use of transportation telematics and traffic management.