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Dallmeier F. A .T. Centre

It is an investment unrivalled throughout the industry: the Dallmeier FAT Centre. This is where even the largest Video IP systems are set up and configured completely in order to be tested in real-life operation. Up to 120,000 channels a year can be tested here!

At Dallmeier, a product really must not have examination nerves: Whether recording system or IP camera, on its way from manufacturing to final shipment, it has to stand up to a number of checks.
The manufacturing process of the CCTV/ IP products already is subject to the most stringent quality requirements and is continuously checked, after all the company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Subsequently, every product undergoes a comprehensive final testing prior to shipment. Only those devices that pass all the tests with flying colours will actually be shipped. This enables Dallmeier to guarantee a uniform quality standard “made by Dallmeier”, made in Germany!

However, for products which are meant to be operated as part of large Video IP projects where a larger number of CCTV cameras and recording devices must interact perfectly, as is the case in casinos, at airports, or with city surveillance, it is still a long way to go before they are shipped. Before factory approval, further tests are carried out at the Dallmeier FAT Centre, short for the Factory Acceptance Test Centre.

There, entire systems are tested under conditions of practice. This means that the complete system is set up as in real operation, including the entire network infrastructure. From the camera to the recorder right up to the management system, the future system is exactly copied in every detail.

The FAT Centre is completely integrated into the other operational procedures. Its proximity to manufacturing and software as well as hardware development ensures that any synergy effects can be optimally used.

This allows new ideas to be implemented immediately. The resulting continuous improvement process allows Dallmeier to consolidate its technological leadership and to constantly create solutions with a focus on practical relevance that guarantee maximum customer benefit. Because at Dallmeier customer satisfaction is an item of top priority!