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Sustainability and environmental protection
Environmental protection is a major concern for Dallmeier and in this regard the company‘s efforts far exceed the legal regulations. Waste avoidance and low energy con­sumption during the manufacturing process as well as the use of recyclable materials are equally part of the corporate phil­osophy, as is the orientation of the product development towards environmentally friendly and ecologically efficient devices.

Sustainability and compatibility are key concepts in this context. There­fore, Dallmeier always aims, for instance, to keep the energy consumption of the devices as low as possible. This effort not only shows in falling energy costs but also saves the environment. Furthermore, the products are characterised by their longevity which is another aspect of ecological thinking. For what can be used for a long time and does not need to be replaced avoids environmental stress.
Dallmeier regards it as part of its corporate responsibility to holistically integrate the protection of the environment into its thinking and acting and to continuously work on further improvements.

Environmental protection is a major component of the company policy. By integrating this work in the company’s overall business process Dallmeier attempts to ensure that:

- the environment is protected by the avoidance and minimization of adverse effects,

- potential pollution is avoided, prevented and reduced or unavoidable pollution is minimized, including the protection of resources.

Although RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) do not state categorically that products from Dallmeier electronic are affected by the new directive, we are obviously concerned – in keeping with our own corporate philosophy – to support the spirit of the EU directive and contribute to the conservation and protection of our environment by complying with the specifications.

What is Dallmeier doing?
Our aim is for our products to contain only components which conform with the requirements of the directive. Dallmeier has reached early agreements with its partners on a logistically practical and cost-neutral system for returning "old units" at the end of their use and on a costincurring system on the basis of an exchange scheme.

GREEN GLOBAL SECURITY - Sustainability and environmental protection at Dallmeier