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Integration and investment protection

Open platform
The topic of integration is crucial to Dallmeier. Dallmeier relies on standardised interfaces. For example all network cameras support the ONVIF standard. Furthermore, owing to their open interfaces, the products can be easily inte­grated into overriding building management systems. The integration of third-party systems such as burglar alarm or fire protection systems as well as access control systems is also easily possible. Likewise, highly specific interfaces according to customer requirements can be realised.

Long-term investment protection
What distinguishes Dallmeier products is not only the fact that they feature an innovative technology right now and are state-of-the-art. Besides the openness towards third-party systems, the openness regarding future technologies is decisive. Dallmeier has always been relying on an open system architecture, which means that the solutions are flexible regarding future changes. Through the high flexi­bility of the modular principle expansions are easy and straightforward. It does not matter whether it is about hardware or software components: The modular design keeps the system open to new technologies and possibilities at any time. Moreover, recorders from previous generations for example can easily be used in mixed operation with the latest recording devices.

Not only do Dallmeier products have a long lifetime. Thanks to their open platforms they also remain accessible for new developments and innovations, without large investments having to be made. The video system grows along with changes and adapts easily to new requirements. This gives customers the greatest possible security for the future.