Dallmeier Logo

Pioneer and inventor

Right from the beginning Dallmeier was setting high value on its own innovative developments. Repeatedly, the company provides new input in the market with pioneering and new technological developments. Not to imitate but to innovate is the motto!

Pioneering inventions
The company and the brand Dallmeier stand for two elementary developments in the video security industry which have critically shaped the market worldwide leaving a lasting legacy.

1992 – Inventor of the digital image memory with motion detection
In 1992, Dallmeier presented the world’s first video sensor with digital image storage. At this time, the idea of using digital image storage in video surveillance wasn’t taken seriously but Dallmeier saw its benefits and potential. In retrospect, this idea has proved to be a groundbreaking development, one that has revolutionized video surveillance. Today we cannot imagine the security field without the use of digital technology.

2011 – Inventor of the high-resolution multifocal sensor system  Panomera®
Panomera® is a completely novel camera technology, which was specially developed for the all-encompassing video surveillance of expansive areas. With Panomera®, huge widths, as well as areas with large distances can be displayed with a completely new resolution quality, in real time and at high frame rates of up to 30 fps.

SEDOR® video analysis
While other video analysis systems are limited to pure motion detection, Dallmeier uses SEDOR® – an abbreviation for “Self Learning Event Detector” – a self-learning analysis system. Using intelligent picture analysis algorithms and self-learning detection systems a variety of different situations can be automatically recognised even in complex scenes. For example, object sizes, directions of movement and speeds can be analysed. Environmental influences like rain, snow or branches blowing in the wind are filtered out using special algorithms.
IP and networks
Long before IP solutions became a hot topic, this technology was part of the Dallmeier philosophy. For more than ten years it has been possible to control and configure recorders via network with the management software PView!

Dallmeier plans and realises the world’s biggest IP based real time video systems with more than 1,000 cameras and 150,000 ports. From the planning of the network to the development and production of all products – cameras, recorders, software and video management – everything is from one source, made by Dallmeier.