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Project handling

Large-scale projects require lots of planning and organi­sation. In order to make the on-site procedures as smooth and efficient as possible Dallmeier delivers its systems completely pre-installed and pre­­con­figured. Connect cameras, plug in power supply, and it‘s done!

1) Research & development
Research and development are key areas for German manu­facturer Dallmeier. At any given time, over fifty developers work in several teams, developing new technologies and devising innovative solutions. After all, each and every Dallmeier product is a proprietary de­velopment. Specific customer requirements are met by tailor-made Dallmeier solutions that offer actual added value to the customer and are ideally adjusted to the demands of the respective project.

2) Planning
Right from the start of the project planning Dallmeier is available as the competent contact for its customers. Dallmeier thereby not only carries out the planning of the video system but, if requested, also designs the entire network infra­structure. Dallmeier is in close coop­eration with leading manufacturers in the network industry and is thus familiar with new developments and technologies early on. The best basis to provide optimal advice!

3) Manufacturing
The ISO 9001 certified company de­velops and produces its products at its  own manufacturing sites in Germany, ad­hering to its philosophy “Quality made by Dallmeier”. The manufacturing is subject to the most stringent quality standards and is continuously monitored. Subsequently, every product undergoes a comprehensive final testing prior to shipment. Only those devices that pass all the tests with flying colours will actually be shipped. This enables Dallmeier to guarantee a uniform quality standard “made by Dallmeier”.

4) Factory Acceptance Test
At the state-of-the art FAT Centre (Factory Acceptance Test) the entire system is tested under real conditions prior to shipment. From cameras to recorders right up to the management system and the entire network infrastructure, the future system is set up true to scale so that its real time operation can already be simulated at that early stage. That setup also includes connections to third-party systems such as cash register or logistics systems, which can be evaluated live in advance. Moreover, the entire configuration of the system is already carried out in Germany, which significantly reduces the time necessary for on-site installation and com­missioning. The customer benefits from optimal investment and cost transparency as he can be sure that everything runs smoothly during the on-site commissioning.

5) Plug & Play
The entire system is shipped pre-installed and pre-configured. Once the system is on site, the cameras merely need to be connected and the power supply needs to be established. That‘s all!

6) Service concept
The high-performance and intuitive Dallmeier management software ensures that even complex systems are ex­tremely user-friendly. Still, Dallmeier conducts comprehensive training in order to guarantee an optimal knowledge transfer. Of course, Dallmeier remains available as a competent partner at any time beyond the project closure.