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Service concept

The high-performance and intuitive Dallmeier management software ensures that even complex systems are ex­tremely user-friendly. Still, Dallmeier conducts comprehensive training in order to guarantee an optimal knowledge transfer. Of course, Dallmeier remains available as a competent partner at any time beyond the project closure.

Monitor wall in the Dallmeier FAT-Centre

1) Trainings at the FAT Centre
During the factory acceptance at the FAT Centre the security personnel is thoroughly trained on all functionalities of the video system. Since the system is already set up in detail the training can be carried out under realistic conditions. The training is carried out using exactly the system that will be actually installed on site.

Dallmeier SIT-Point trainings centre

2) Trainings at the SIT-Point®
At the Dallmeier SIT-Point® (Security - Infor­mation - Technology) in Regensburg, wide-ranging training courses are organised all year round. The seminars deal not only with hardware and software but also complex subjects such as network systems or practical sensors applications. Knowledge is not just transferred by interesting
lectures, but is very practical. In a specially equipped training room, each participant has his own technical training workstation with appropriate systems and components available.

Dallmeier on-site trainings

3) Trainings for selected service partners
In order to obtain competent on-site support even faster, customers can commission a trusted local service partner with the installation and maintenance of the system. That selected service partner is thoroughly trained by Dallmeier in advance, either at the FAT Centre or, depending on the customer‘s request, at the SIT Point® in Germany or in one of the branch offices around the world.