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Customers benefit from the unique Dallmeier approach
Dallmeier is a solution provider for video security, business process optimisation and security and data management. Customers benefit from the unique combination of innovative camera and recording technology with an intelligent software platform and industry-leading services. This is backed by more than 35 years of innovative entrepreneurship "made in Germany". 

Your advantages with Dallmeier Czech Republic + Slovakia

  • Consulting and solution design
  • Access to Dallmeier 3D-Engineering Team: "digital twin" of the customer environment
  • Product selection & offer preparation
  • Access to the Dallmeier Factory Acceptance Test Centre at the Dallmeier headquarters
  • Implementation & construction of the overall system
  • Telephone support & assistance
  • Reference customer visits

Successful Projects
In the Czech Republic, for example, the Generali Arena (Sparta Prague) relies on video security technology from Dallmeier. Various urban areas, such as Wenceslas Square in Prague, are also protected with Dallmeier video technology. If you have any questions about these projects, please contact Jan Bajnar.

Interview with Jan Bajnar
This is Dallmeier Czech Republic + Slovakia: Interview with Jan Bajnar


Jan Bajnar
E-mail: Jan Bajnar

Koperníkova 1221
73581 Bohumín
+420 (77) 3676786