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The approved competence of Dallmeier in the CCTV monitoring field throughout their Full-IP end-to-end products, solutions and services allows to respond to all your requirements concerning the installation of video surveillance systems, assistance or decision guidance.
With Dallmeier Nordic, you dispose, as partner or customer, of a personal and competent support in order to satisfy all requirements of your video projects.

Dallmeier Nordic assist you with their competence, their approved know-how and their expertise in the following fields:

  • Technical assistance for planned projects
  • Support for offers
  • Technical workshops and sales trainings
  • Telephone support
  • Technical support on-site and supporting installations
  • Visiting reference customers
  • Service Center for repairs

Dallmeier Nordic optimally accompanies you as partner on the Scandinavic market in order to respond conjointly, with you, to the specific needs of your customers.

As a market leader in digital video systems in Germany, Dallmeier is delivering efficient products with approved quality.



Dallmeier Nordic
Navervej 12
7000 Fredericia
Tel:  +45 7624 4040
Fax: +45 7624 4041
Dallmeier Nordic

Contact person Dallmeier Nordic:
Torsten Ussing, Managing Director Dallmeier Nordic
Torsten Ussing

Johnny Klausen, Sales Director
Dallmeier Nordic
Johnny Klausen

Contact person Dallmeier:
Christian Linthaler, Sales Manager
Christian Linthaler