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CCTV Security Solutions presented by Dallmeier Southern Africa comprises the full range of Dallmeier products and systems which are tightly integrated to form an advanced, all-inclusive and holistic business orientated solution that could cover every operational aspect that can be associated with each customer’s set of risks and/or requirements; whilst maintaining an optimal customer satisfaction orientation.

Dallmeier Southern Africa ultimately provides each customer with a maximum return on its investment through sustainability, manageability, maintainability and highly sophisticated technologically advanced solutions that are “fit for purpose”.

Dallmeier Southern Africa is able to offer solutions for required CCTV technology where the specific value proposition includes: 

  • Stable long term partnerships
  • Integration assistance and guidance
  • Technology driven expertise and support
  • Support for offers (Turnkey and general)
  • Expert project management in certain cases
  • Rigorous standards
  • Comprehensive design and system engineering; and
  • Professional account administration

With the specialized CCTV range of solutions and technologies available, and our commitment to you our partners and customers, Dallmeier Southern Africa evidently demonstrates that it is an authentic partner company.

As a market & technology leader in digital video systems in Germany and many other countries and providing video surveillance solutions for customers all over the world, Dallmeier is delivering efficient products with approved quality direct to Southern Africa with full support and continuous training.

Dallmeier Southern Africa

Phone: +27 834 608 015

Contact person:
Riaan Kruger, Sales Manager
Riaan Kruger

EP Smit, Sales Manager
EP Smit