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15 years Dallmeier UK

The team at Dallmeier UK, from left to right: Colston Vaughan, Richard Howe, Wendy Walker, James Walker, Tracey Boon, Jason Piggott, Steve Hodges und Chris Francombe

It is now 15 years since our customers in the United Kingdom and Iceland first placed their faith in the work of our national subsidiary, Dallmeier UK. In our interview Managing Director James Walker talks about the work and the successes of the company.

Mr Walker, could you tell us a little about the beginnings of Dallmeier UK?

Dallmeier UK was founded in November 2001. Although by that time I had already had several years of experience with Dallmeier and its products. I had run an installation company since 1996, and not only were many of our customers already using Dallmeier systems, but we were also supplying other installation firms. In view of our marked success and the growing demand

What tasks does Dallmeier UK perform specifically as a national distribution company, and which submarkets does the subsidiary service?

Through our sales and marekting team, we offer the entire Dallmeier product portfolio, and we also have the capability to offer all our customers comprehensive technical support. This includes on-site assistance in all matters concerning the installation and operation of our systems. We are active across various market sectors, both in the UK as well as Iceland.

Is there an area where you have been seeing a notable increase in the demand for security technology?

Well, particularly in the area osf stadium safety and security the demands regarding performance and reliability of security systems have increased significantly. It is unquestionably an immense technical challenge to provide permanent, comprehensive protection for tens of thousands of visitors to the wide expanses of stadiums from a wide range of potential accidents and hazards. Of course, since the market launch of the Panomera® multifocal sensor technology, we have been able to offer considerably more advanced support for safety managers and stadium operators.

What do you think is the decisive reason for the ongoing success of Dallmeier UK over the last 15 years?

Above all, our success is lies in the commitment of every one of our employees on site. Then it must be said quite clearly, we stand apart through the exceptional quality of Dallmeier products and solutions, and the expert, individual support offered at all times for every single project. All of that combined, I think, has been driving our exceptional success over the last 15 years.

How do you expect the UK market to develop in the coming years, and what do you see as the greatest challenges?

As in many other countries, investment strategies in progressive security technology are often constrained by austerity measures in our markets. And this is equally true for both public sector and commercial orders. But we know we are well positioned precisely because the solutions Dallmeier offers its customers are not solutions that appear cheap in the short term. On the contrary, we deliver high-value total concepts, which can be adapted flexibly and cost-effectively to reflect the evolving security needs of our customers. And this is why they are prepared to make the necessary investment. So, in spite of all the challenges my team and I are confident that we can continue our success story. Because in the long run, the quality of our project solutions prevails.