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Social engagement

Social engagement (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility)

From the very beginning, Dallmeier has not only felt committed to economic success. For us it is equally important that we recognise our social responsibility. 

This conviction shapes all our corporate activities and we have regard for sustainability at every stage of the value creation chain. In the past, Dallmeier has been pioneering the area of video security technology in many ways and will continue to develop innovative products which set the benchmark for the industry. With the same energy that the company uses to promote its financial and economic success, it also dedicates itself to fulfilling its ecological, social and community responsibilities.   

Various aspects of our corporate culture prove that this is not just lip service. Here you can see some examples!

You can also help!

You would like to make a donation? For example to SOS Kinderdorf, WWF or a local animal rescue centre? We appreciate your engagement and would like to thank you by sending you a Dally or Dallina!

More about the Dally & Dallina donation campaign...

Dally and Dallina, the Dallmeier panther