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Technology for children

Technology for children

"We participate!" Under this motto, we support "TfK – Technik für Kinder (Technology for Children)" and thus promote our own technology talent. 

Scientific studies show that the decision for a technological job is 80% established during childhood. 

You learn football in the football club, tennis at the tennis club, music in the music school – but where does a child learn "technology" and craftsmanship? 

The non-profit organization “TfK – Technik für Kinder e.V." enthuses children and young people early and sustainably for craft and technology with its projects. Playfully and by “do it yourself”. 

"We participate!" – to support our offspring. Together with “TfK – Technik für Kinder e.V." we set the course to secure our future with qualified professionals in Bavaria. 

More info at www.tfk-ev.de

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