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Panomera® trailer in South Africa

Panomera® trailer in South Africa

Video security expert Dallmeier is starting a series of live demonstrations in South Africa – so watch out for the Panomera® trailer!

Dallmeier will make a tour through South Africa for some live demonstrations of its unique and patented Panomera® multifocal sensor camera technology.

The multifocal sensor system Panomera® was specially developed for the all-encompassing video surveillance of expansive areas. With MFS technology it is now possible to monitor large-scale areas from a single location and to capture both an overview image and detail images in the highest resolution even from very distant areas at the same time.

Based on a patented lens and sensor concept, the Panomera® effect guarantees a perfectly uniform resolution throughout the entire coverage area. In contrast to single sensor cameras, which are equipped with a single lens, the multifocal sensor system works with several lenses, each of which has a different focal length. The MFS technology therefore is able to provide a guaranteed constant resolution of at least 125 pix/m. This makes it possible to monitor large areas and distances from a single location, achieving this in real time with uniform image resolution, high dynamics and consistent focal depth.

Permanent recording of the entire scene in highest detail resolution, pan, tilt and zoom functions also in the recordings, multicast and multi-user capability as well as enormous savings on infrastructure are just some of the advantages of this new camera technology.

Besides the MFS technology, a series of other IP cameras including dome cameras or box cameras with integrated infrared IR illumination as well as different Dallmeier recording servers, workstations and video management software will also be displayed live.

The Panomera® trailer will start its tour in Johannesburg and then move on to Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and many more South African areas. Between fixed show days there will be enough time for personal live demonstrations on request.

To learn more about the dates and locations, or to request your personal live demo, please contact: dallmeiersa-at-dallmeier.com

Further dates will be published soon!