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Skills and know-how transfer

The rapid rate of advance in network technology and the increasing level of networking make it more and more difficult to keep up to date. The customer doesn’t really have enough time in day to day living to continually update his knowledge. As the manufacturer Dallmeier therefore sees itself obliged to ensure and provide the necessary know-how transfer so that the appropriate specialist knowledge reaches the end-user. After all the end-user can only profit from the knowledge if the information chain is complete.

Because of this there are wide-ranging training courses in Dallmeier SIT-Point® all year round. The seminars deal not only with hardware and software but also complex subjects such as network systems or practical detection applications. In order that the participants get the greatest possible benefit from the training courses, the group size is limited to 4 to 6 people who can then get intensively involved in their topic. Knowledge is not just transferred by interesting lectures, but is very practical. In a specially equipped training room, each participant has his own technical training workstation with appropriate systems and components available. This gives the participants hands-on experience of working with the recorders and ‘doing open heart surgery’. It’s not about passive listening but active learning

The Dallmeier SIT-Point is not just used as a visitor centre. It is also used internally for many seminars which prepare the sales staff for their customer visits, continuously bringing them up to date with the latest technology. Skill, practical knowledge and advice – all guaranteed right from the start


Contact person:
Torsten Prösser, Technical Training Manager