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Video Management System

SeMSy® III is a high-performance and future-proof video management system with optimum user friendliness. It offers a comprehensive range of functions, including the display of live images, various search options within the footage, the control of PTZ cameras and an easy archiving of relevant sequences.

The entire system is operated via a professional and highly efficient management system. Operating procedures and complex controls can be stored in the system, so that personnel can conveniently and intuitively operate the system. The graphic user interface provides every user a quick overview of cameras and their corresponding monitors via a graphic display.

The graphic user interface at the control centre allows for the evaluation of recordings. Furthermore, playback can be controlled via an external jog-shuttle (e.g. VMC-1). In addition, recorded data can be exported to CD or DVD at the evaluation station.

The SeMSy® system can be expanded and thus remains flexible at any time. For instance, additional cameras/encoders or more monitors/decoders can be integrated into the network at a later date.

Integration of Third Party Systems
The SeMSy® Management System is based on standardised interfaces (e.g. OPC), so that the integration of further systems (dealing shoe, access control, building management, etc.) is easily achieved.




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