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Main Features

  • SEDOR® video analysis system,
  • Detection of number plates
  • Analysis of number plates
  • Up to 4 IP based channels per server
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64 Bit)
  • Relational SQL database
  • Configuration, operation and evaluation with Web-Browser via Ethernet

SEDOR® ANPR Server is an IP video analysis system for the automated detection and analysis of number plates in flowing or stationary traffic. The application of sophisticated analysis algorithms provides an extremely high analysis accuracy, even in adverse weather conditions or darkness.

SEDOR® ANPR Server is designed for operation on systems with Windows 10 (64 Bit) operating system. The complete video analysis system is installed on a dedicated server hardware ex factory. Configuration, operation and analysis are carried out with a browser.


  • Detection of number plates in the video image
  • Storage/Display of the results with images of the number plate and overview cameras
  • Control of relays in response to specific number plates/categories
  • Reporting of certain (number plate) events to network receiver
  • Connection to third-party systems via XML protocol
  • Export of events into standard formats (e. g. Microsoft Excel)
  • Support of communication interfaces to Dallmeier products (recording, alerting)
  • Storage of event records in standard database (up to several million, depending on requirements)
  • Extremely short response times when searching the event archive

Access Control

  • Combined access and gate control
  • Time-limited access permission
  • Separate processing of user-definable vehicle categories (staff, supplier, visitor, VIP)

Parking Facility Management

  • Combined access and gate control
  • Parking facility management with various entries and exits
  • Allocation of individual parking spaces to groups
  • Time-limited access and exit permission
  • Separate management for different user groups

City Surveillance

  • Detection of number plates in flowing traffic
  • Reporting of stolen vehicles (blacklist)
  • Comprehensive search functions in the event archive
  • Search of only partially known number plates in the event archive