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Dallmeier electronic will present a world premiere at the occasion of the “Challenge Regensburg” triathlon: The use of a high-end camera specifically developed for sports and racing events will ensure live streaming in unprecedented image quality.

It is called “Dallmeier RacingCam”, the camera system that will provide viewers at home with high-quality images, conveying the on-scene feel and excitement from start to finish. The camera’s ability to deliver steadily homogenous and high-resolution image data makes it the ideal solution for broadcasting the “Challenge Regensburg” triathlon. In fact, it is just as ideally suited for any other speed or mass start events such as marathons, motor and cycle races as well as many other types of events.  

Normally, expensive broadcast cameras would have to be set up across the entire event location. The “Dallmeier RacingCam”, however, enables convenient and reliable recording, transmission and displaying of high-definition film sequences. All that is achieved from installation point, covering long distances, and in difficult lighting conditions. The use of state-of-the-art video formats means that the recordings can seamlessly be integrated with TV broadcasting technology, and live stream viewers will be able to see for themselves just how smooth it functions. In order to cover the event Dallmeier cameras will be deployed as both stationary and mobile systems.  

The use of the special Dallmeier camera is not limited to sporting events. It is equally suited for use in riders’ quarters where it can help secure equipment, manage participant information and monitor the flow of riders. It has also proven useful for keeping an eye on transition zones and spectator areas. This is where the Regensburg-based developer and manufacturer bring to bear over thirty years of experience in video security technology. The RacingCam is based on the patented Dallmeier Panomera camera whose entirely novel approach to technology has revolutionised the video security industry. The fact that it has meanwhile been sold to more than 60 sports arenas worldwide testifies to its outstanding quality and performance.