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Interface Description

1. API3

The Dallmeier control element for API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that enables the integration of Dallmeier IP cameras, DIS-2 encoders as well as Dallmeier recorders (from generation 4) into a third-party software as part of a Microsoft operating system.

The various libraries (DLL / SO) are usually saved in the working folder of the third-party application. The third-party software should preferably be programmed in C++. It integrates the DLLs into the software. That way it can establish a connection with the Dallmeier products and enable the data transfer, the decoding and the image display. 

The API package contains the libraries, a description of the interface as well as an exemplary integration with source code in MS VisualStudio 2017.

2. DaVid
The DaVid protocol enables the control of all Dallmeier devices (IP cameras, DIS-2 encoders, Wavelet recorders, H.264 recorders of generation 4 and 5) via the network or the serial interfaces.

Often, the DaVid protocol is used to send commands from a matrix to a recording system. The PView software and the DNI interfaces also send the commands to the recorder via DaVid.


Important note:

The programming or extension by functions of the Dallmeier ActiveX interface is set. Discontinued!

To integrate the new Dallmeier SMAVIA Recording Server Appliance IPS 10000 (version 9.x.x) into third-party systems, adaptations of the DaVid protocol interface and the API 1.4.x version are required.

If you have any questions, please contact the Integration Support Team at the following contact address: Integration-Support


You can download the programming tool API3 PreRelease free of charge!
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SMAVIA & external systems
Required licenses and procedures for the integration of SMAVIA Recording Server into external systems via Dallmeier interfaces

SMAVIA & external systems