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Advantages: Airport Solution

Advantages of the Dallmeier airport solution

Dallmeier offers comprehensive total solutions for all airport areas. Special emphasis is placed on the surveillance of vast areas and recognition and tracking of complex events such as breaches of security gates or movements in the check-in area. Aprons, runways or car parks are also ideal application scenarios for Dallmeier Panomera® technology. 

Waiting times and passenger flow:

  • Increased revenue and improved customer experience
  • Tracking and analysis of passenger flows for optimisation 

Fence & Perimeter:

  • Panomera® technology compensates for staff shortages („virtual guard“)
  • Combination with third-party systems (e.g. radar, fence detection/sensors) 


  • Optical verification of all processes
  • Automation and reduction of error rates 

Runway, Taxiway:

  • Optical and systematic control of all processes
  • Video-based data acquisition
  • Integration into third-party systems (e.g. ERP) 

Central and peripheral airport processes:

  • Optimisation through the use of video-based analysis and artificial intelligence
  • Automation through integration of third-party systems
  • Customised management and situational awareness solutions
  • Predictive analysis 

Outside terminal area, parking:

  • Revenue optimisation and parking management
  • Fraud prevention 

Security gate:

  • Automated protection of security gates, wrong direction control
  • Compensation of personnel shortages through automation 

Feeder road:

  • congestion prevention
  • traffic optimisation  

Comprehensive monitoring of extensive areas:

  • Dallmeier Panomera®
  • 360° with high resolution
  • Significant cost savings in infrastructure and personnel requirements