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Dallmeier video surveillance solutions for banks, ATMs, financial institutions

Dallmeier video surveillance solutions for banks

Especially for universal banks and savings banks reliable video surveillance systems are indispensable these days. Robberies, burglaries, cheque card fraud at ATMs or vandalism require swift reactions. Very often, video recordings are the only way to get on to the perpetrators.

The Dallmeier recorder range “bank” comprises compact digital recording systems whose certifications and specific system parameters as well as the specifically designed software make them ideal for bank applications. Like all Dallmeier systems, the bank recording servers are highly stable and reliable devices. What characterises them in particular is the outstanding image quality and high operator convenience. 

Additionally, the recorder configuration offers the possibility to insert so-called privacy zones within the picture, i.e. to mask out certain sections or black them out respectively (for example number pads for PINs).

Certified for the use in banks
The test certificate “DGUV Test” guarantees the high quality standard of the digital recording devices required for the use in financial and credit institutions. The DIN EN 50130-4 states that the certified devices – in addition to the standards mentioned in the CE declaration of conformity – meet the increased requirements for interference resistance of system parts used in closed circuit television for security use. Moreover, all Dallmeier bank recorders have the LGC Forensics certificate, which means that the recorded images are admissable as evidence in court.

Dallmeier banking and ATM surveillance solutions

ATM activity survey
A special highlight of the bank recorders is the so-called ATM activity survey. Whereby, the recorder regularly checks if transactions take place at the ATM. The survey intervals can be set individually.

If no transactions take place during the defined interval the recorder issues a warning. This is done so as to prevent an accidental recording failure and to make sure that it does not go unnoticed if it happens. Such failures frequently occur due to changes of ATM protocols. The ATM activity survey ensures that, in case of need, no important data is missing.

Optimal integratability
The various configuration variants of the bank-specific software allow for an optimal configuration of the recorder for various applications in the cashier's office, the bank vault and the foyer. The integration of external data, for example from ATMs, cash tills or access control systems is optionally possible via the Dallmeier Network Interface (DNI) and can be easily realised. Additionally Dallmeier’s SEDOR® technology provides further security through an automatic camera sabotage detection (focus change, turning, covering, spraying).