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Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for casinos, casino surveillance

Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for casinos

Dallmeier casino and gaming IP video security and surveillance systems.

Dallmeier has planned and realised the biggest real-time IP systems in casinos worldwide. Why not also benefit from the long years of experience and competence of our CCTV/IP casino experts!

Dallmeier is offering complete solutions. When you need a completely coordinated system that offers higher picture quality and greater functionality than systems using individual products from different manufacturers, why go anywhere else? Dallmeier is your single source for every component of your video solution.

Recording with highest availability
The Dallmeier solution is always based on the high-availability of storage directly at the encoder. The recording is not network-dependent, therefore it is not disturbed even during interference or complete network failure. Thereby Dallmeier guarantees the highest availability of its comprehensive solution because there is no single-point-of-failure. This in turn means that the failure of an individual component would not cause a breakdown of the whole system.

Through well-engineered technology and a modular design, Dallmeier video systems achieve an availability of 99.99994%, which is even better than the Five Nines advertised throughout  the IT world. Such availability values can not even be achieved by extremely expensive storage systems.

Future-proof transmission technology
The network forms the centrepiece of a CCTV/IP video surveillance system, as it acts as an important interface between the operator and the system. Modern networks offer sufficient reserves for all important operations in a casino. With appropriate redundancies the highest availability of neuralgic locations can be achieved and the whole network can be easily monitored thanks to sophisticated management operations. When configured appropriately, shortages such as an overloaded network can be detected and eliminated at an early stage.

Modern casinos are fully networked. All important operations such as access control systems, cash management, gambling table surveillance, alarm systems, audio/video transmission or complete management of a casino are carried out via IP. With professional planning CCTV can be seamlessly integrated into the network.

Dallmeier will be pleased to give you advice! It makes no difference if the system is newly-planned or the integration possibilities and adjustments for a CCTV surveillance system of an already existing network need to be clarified.
Furthermore, Dallmeier works closely with leading manufacturers of the network industry and is thus familiar with new developments and technologies ahead of everyone else. The best basis to provide optimal advice!

Optimum support in each phase of the project with the Casino Competence Centre
The Dallmeier Casino Project Team is composed of professionals with specific experience in the casino sector. They provide support to customers from the start of the project planning to the technical implementation of the video surveillance solution and are also available after the commissioning process to answer questions and offer advice.

With Dallmeier you have a competent partner in each phase of the project. From consulting, planning and project management to production, Factory Acceptance Test and on-site commissioning. All steps are co-ordinated and fully concentrated towards the benefit of the customer. Thus, the Dallmeier Casino Project Team offers casinos of all sizes, all over the world, specially adapted video surveillance solutions and an extensive range of services.

Satisfied customers worldwide
Above all the reliability, flexibility and user-friendliness of the solutions have added to the trust that customers throughout the world have in the company's experience and competence.