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Solution: Table Gaming Automation

The industry-first table gaming automation system. Already live with 1,000+ tables.

Increase Profitability in Table Gaming with Artificial Intelligence.

With Dallmeier’s Casino Automation Technology (CAT), casino operators can track and automate table games like Baccarat and Blackjack, based on existing CCTV and Artificial Intelligence (AI). CAT produces real-time data, unleashes true “business intelligence” and enables casino operators to increase their gaming floor’s operational efficiency and profitability.

Highlights of CAT

Accurate Player Rating

  • Uses face recognition
  • Prevents overrating and abuse of loyalty programmes
  • Protects against casino comps / wizards
  • Records played hands, betting distribution, etc.

Optimised Table Game Management

  • Virtual supervisor for every table
  • Automates manual tasks (e.g., openers / closers)
  • Increases game pace
  • Protects from dealer errors
  • Detects fraud and cheating

CAT turns the table into a slot machine
Due to their "analogue" nature, classic table games such as Baccarat and Blackjack were previously difficult to integrate into data processing and analysis. Casino Automation Technology (CAT) uses standard Full HD IP surveillance cameras and AI technologies to gather all sorts of data. By doing so, CAT offers a wide variety of insights and automation of core gaming processes: The system recognizes chips and cards, provides real-time information about bet position and bet value, game pace and float value, to name just a few key functionalities. For the first time, this now allows for an accurate player rating, highly increased game pace and a much more effective protection from fraud. The system works with any smart dealing shoe and casino management system and doesn’t require RFID technology.

The industry-first gaming automation system, already awarded
CAT is the first gaming automation system that is already live in a productive environment with the biggest installation of more than 1,000 tables in Macau. The system received the “Best New Product" award at WGPC 2019 and will be showcased at G2E Asia 2019.


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