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Dallmeier CCTV / IP solutions for authorities and military

Dallmeier CCTV / IP solutions for authorities and military

Whether it’s ministries, courts or public administration buildings: Dallmeier delivers custom-made video solutions for the respective field of application, from the right camera technology to the high-performance recording systems, and even including intelligent video analysis. 

Always in the picture
Dallmeier offers a comprehensive range of high-resolution IP cameras. Depending on the area of application either high-speed PTZ dome cameras, box cameras or vandal-resistant dome cameras are used. The latter provide for safety and security in sensitive areas, too. 

One system that is supremely capable of providing surveillance for large expanses or long distances is the Panomera® multifocal sensor system. In contrast to single sensor cameras, the multifocal sensor technology provides a guaranteed constant resolution of at least 125 pix/m. This makes it possible to monitor large areas and distances from a single location, achieving this in real time with uniform image resolution, high dynamics and consistent focal depth. 

High-performance recording systems
Dallmeier offers different recorders, servers and appliances. All devices are high-resolution digital security recording systems. Any of those can be integrated with external data sources and/or connected into overriding management systems. Motion detection is integrated for all camera inputs. Thus, recording only takes places when there is an activity, which ensures that the existing storage is used effectively. 

Automatic alarm triggered by intelligent video analysis
Intelligent video analysis systems represent a major contribution, especially to safeguarding the perimeters of critical infrastructures. They are able to detect unauthorised intruders automatically and initiate an alarm. SEDOR® is a high-performance and self-learning video analysis system which provides outstanding analytical results with a low false alarm rate due to state-of-the-art image analysis algorithms and the constant adjustment of the system parameters to the current surrounding conditions (auto-adaptation). If used together with the different applications, it can serve a variety of surveillance and counting purposes. SEDOR® Intruder detects if an object approaches an installation, the direction from which it is coming, and how long it remains in an area. 

Flexibility and expansion potential
Owing to the open, freely scaleable system architecture, the standard interfaces used and the resultant flexibility, expansions are easy to carry out at any time and integrate seamlessly. This ensures that the system is always able to adapt to meet future demands. 


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