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Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for hotels

Whether on vacation or on a business trip, hotel guests want to feel at ease and safe. Numerous hotels around the world thus rely on video surveillance technology by Dallmeier.

The main application area for video surveillance technology in hotels is the monitoring of publicly accessible areas such as lobbies, lounges or hallways in order to prevent any unauthorised access. Also parking spaces are often included into the security concept as most guests sleep better knowing that their car is securely stored under video surveillance on a parking level or in an underground garage. Installing outside cameras can also prevent damages caused by vandalism since many potential perpetrators are already discouraged by the presence of a video surveillance system.

Numerous hotels are meanwhile starting to use the camera recordings for other purposes, too, such as employee training. Thereby it can be ensured that hotel employees always act friendly and obliging around customers and adhere to the regulations issued by the management. The video system can also contribute to the optimisation of operational procedures. Through monitoring neuralgic important places like cooling chambers or storage rooms as well as access roads it is possible to provide for timely repeat orders and efficiently manage deliveries. A connected CCTV/IP surveillance system can be especially valuable with larger hotel complexes as those often also have meeting and conference facilities or even affiliated leisure areas with shopping outfits and entertainment sites. In such cases the CCTV/IP surveillance system can significantly enhance the cooperation and coordination between the different facilities.

Discrete security
Besides reliable functionality many hotels place particular emphasis on cameras that can be installed discreetly in order not to disturb the atmosphere of their premises. They also do not want guests feeling like they are being constantly watched. Dallmeier IP cameras can, for example, be mounted unobtrusively on ceilings in between recessed luminaires. Through their innovative technology the cameras provide clear, high-contrast and true-colour images even under difficult lighting conditions.

Reliable and user-friendly recording
Depending on the area of application and the size of the hotel facility, Dallmeier offers a range of recording systems (recorders, servers, VideoIP appliances) for recording the camera images. All devices are characterised by high availability and reliability. Their easy and intuitive operation is also convincing. High-performance management software such as SMAVIA Viewing Client or SeMSy® round off the convenient control concept of the Dallmeier system.

Financial benefit
Also from a financial point of view, a video surveillance system pays off quickly. David Hess, President of the Schecher group of companies, which also operates the Ramada Hollywood Beach Resort in Miami Beach, explains: Through installing the CCTV system we were able to significantly reduce our insurance premium and the number of compensation claims has also fallen dramatically from around 12 to 15 per year to just one or two.

Ready for the future
With solutions by Dallmeier, hotels are ideally equipped for the future as the systems are modular in design. The high flexibility of this approach allows for easy and straightforward expansions.