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Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance for private homes

Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance for private homes

Dallmeier video surveillance system to secure your private home against theft and vandalism

Personal protection and the security of one's family and property is arguably the most important need of every human being. The flexibility of VideoIP based security solutions can make a decisive contribution fulfilling that existential demand.

My house, my car, my video system: Increasingly, private people want to protect their property and thus rely on state-of-the art video security technology. Thereby the application areas are varied and include deterring criminals, triggering alarms in case of thefts or vandalism or provide conclusive evidence to identify perpetrators.

Moreover, modern network technology makes it possible to keep an eye on one's property from anywhere in the world. Whether using internet on your laptop or your mobile phone, you can easily make sure if everything is still fine at your home or holiday apartment. Not much equipment is required to reliably secure private homes. However, a few basic rules should be followed in any case.

The suitable camera
First of all, it needs to be clarified which areas are to be monitored. These generally include the driveway, front door, garden fence, garage and/or the backyard. Depending on the size and to what degree the area can be viewed from outside the perimeter one or more cameras are installed. The range of available cameras is enormous and it is therefore necessary to answer a few important questions in order to find the suitable camera. Is the camera to be installed indoors or outdoors? For outdoor installations an appropriate weather-proof housing is required to protect the camera from the influence of weather. Will the area be monitored only during the day or also at night? In that case it is important to ensure that the camera has a high enough light sensitivity or to provide for sufficient lighting. How big are the objects that need to be monitored and how far away are they? That determines whether standard resolution or HD cameras should be used.

A good choice are Dallmeier cameras, which were specifically developed for security applications and thus meet the highest requirements regarding image quality as well as colour fidelity and level of detail. Particularly in backlighting situations, for example when a burglar points a flash light directly at the camera, the cameras demonstrate their advantages. Whereas previous cameras only showed a blooming area with no recognisable face, the Dallmeier technology allows for the identification of persons – provided that the camera is correctly installed.

Live images or recording?
If the images from the surveillance camera do not need to be stored but are only used for live display, a standard PC with internet access will do. The images from IP cameras can then directly be viewed via web browser. It is also possible to display the images on a TV.

However, it is highly advisable to store the data. Only then will there be conclusive images following an incident. Saved images are also useful for checking if, after having been away from home for some time, anything happened in the house or around the premises. An ideal recording device for up to eight cameras is the VideoNetBox.

It is an extremely compact video server that is easy to use while offering highest reliability. Owing to its compact and sophisticated design, with holders integrated on the housing of the device, the VNB is versatile and can be mounted almost anywhere, for instance on walls, ceilings or the undersides of desks.

White Knights: Connection to a security control centre
In order to further enhance security, the video surveillance system can be connected to an alarm system and linked up to a security control centre. Therefore, it is ensured that competent help is at hand in an emergency, because viewing the transmitted images, the personnel at the security control room can quickly get an overview of what's happening. That is particularly useful when the owner is not at home or even in danger. In that context, the possibility to enable bidirectional audio transmission is especially convenient. That means the security control centre hears what happens and can also directly address a perpetrator in order to stop him from committing a crime or to calm down persons and inform them that help is on the way.

Anyone who might be afraid now that they could be secretly taped while taking a shower or tanning really has no need to worry. Technical settings allow for a restriction of viewing rights, which means that the images can only be accessed when the burglar alarm system is activated and an alarm has actually been triggered.

Privacy protection and fulfilment of legal requirements
Monitoring one's own premises is legally permitted as long as neighbouring properties and public spaces such as roads are not captured. If these requirements cannot be fully met for technical reasons, for example because the camera monitoring the entrance also partially covers the road, so-called Privacy Zones are used. Privacy Zones are marked areas of the image which are covered by a black area and thus not visible. The compliance with legal regulations and the protection of privacy (e.g. masking of bathroom or bedroom windows) are therefore ensured at all times.

Quality at a reasonable price
Also, and especially when it is about securing private homes, quality is highly important. Whenever products are bought only based on price the decision is often regretted once a serious incident has happened. Specifically, when a customer realises that due to the low quality of the images the burglar is only vaguely recognisable and nobody can be clearly identified. Suddenly, seemingly cheap products usually become more expensive as they would have to be if anybody had paid attention to quality from the beginning. With the VideoNetBox and various camera models with a highly favourable price-performance ratio Dallmeier also offers individuals an ideal entry into the world of IP security technology.

The Regensburg based company relies on many years of experience with the planning and realisation of the world's largest IP video surveillance systems. That competence is continuously used in product development. Consequently, customers with smaller applications are also able to benefit from innovative and field-tested solutions. So that nothing stands in the way of a quiet sleep.