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Video surveillance solutions for petrol stations, rest areas, service areas

Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for petrol stations

Video surveillance solutions for petrol stations

Gone are the days when it was possible to just fill up, jump in and then drive away – thanks to the ability of modern video surveillance systems to supply conclusive images and document transactions reliably.

Dallmeier provides optimal video surveillance solutions for petrol stations: from cameras to recording systems to analysis software – perfectly matched components from a single source. 

The Dallmeier IP cameras deliver detailed image material with high contrast and colour fidelity. At service stations, customer number plates can be recognised reliably from vehicles approaching the camera with their headlights on. 

The Dallmeier digital recording systems (recorders, VideoIP appliances and servers) distinguish themselves by offering excellent picture quality and being extremely reliable and user-friendly. Motion detection for all camera inputs is integrated. The SmartFinder, an intelligent search system for motion in the picture, enables fast efficient analysis of the recorded data in predefined picture areas.

Seamless documentation
Yet as a stand-alone solution a Dallmeier recorder provides various search options allowing time-saving localisation of particular sequences, for instance according to date, time or fuelling location.

When connecting the video system to the cash system, e.g. Huth, even more search criteria can be specified (value of fuel, method of payment, number of litres, other items, etc). Thus, the video surveillance system provides a complete documentation of the entire fuelling process including all relevant information.

And should someone actually leave without paying, the relevant picture sequences can easily be sourced out on CD/DVD and used in court (LGC Forensics certification).

Multiple application possibilities
However, fuel theft is not the only concern of petrol station owners: robberies, shoplifting and vandalism are increasing significantly. An annual loss of up to €50.000 for large service stations is not uncommon. Even police statistics outline the alarming increase in crime rates at service stations. 

Moreover, the attractive variety of goods on offer in the shop area entices many to shoplift – and it is not just customers or suppliers, but often employees who steal goods. Crimes such as these can be reliably detected and documented using Dallmeier recording systems. 

Access your video images any time
The iPhone App "Dallmeier Mobile Video Center" enables the mobile access to Dallmeier systems (DVR, NVR, server, cameras) with an iPhone. You can conveniently access live images as well as the corresponding recordings on the go. Special transcoding prepares the images for ideal display on the iPhone and ensures a high frame rate at the same time. That way you can keep an eye on your petrol stations wherever you are!