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Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions in retailing

Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions in retailing

IP video surveillance solutions in retailing

There are many different applications for a modern CCTV surveillance system in retailing. CCTV surveillance is used to prevent theft in shops and stores, to provide evidence of robberies and break-ins and to uncover employee fraud or deception. Attractive product ranges don’t just please honest customers, they also tempt light-fingered people to help themselves.

But it isn’t just security which benefits from CCTV surveillance, intelligent video analysis is useful for marketing, too: You can observe customers, measure footfall, conduct behavioural studies or structural analysis, which helps with improving staff planning or shop layouts.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a small supermarket, an exclusive jeweller or a complete shopping centre, Dallmeier offers the ideal solution for every situation.

CCTV surveillance keeps an eye on everything
What is important for a retail solution is that it should be a highly visible installation using high resolution colour cameras with activity-related digital recording which will deter most potential culprits before they try anything. Dallmeier IP cameras are particularly helpful in keeping an eye on secluded areas. And, if a theft, robbery, break-in or act of vandalism is committed then the CCTV surveillance system provides a detailed image of the suspect(s) which usually leads to their apprehension.

In addition there are the many other uses for this kind of equipment. It can be used for analysing customer behaviour, improving staff management and shop layouts, avoiding staff/customer collusion in theft and deception, checking the accuracy of deliveries or, if a customer has an accident, resolving liability claims rapidly. Outside business hours the shop can continue to be monitored using Dallmeier’s management software SMAVIA Viewing Client or SeMSy®.

Tailor-made solutions for every situation
Given the range of different recording systems, a perfect-fit system meeting the customer’s current needs is always possible using Dallmeier equipment, whether the site is a small local branch, a sizeable store or a whole shopping arcade.
Both the built-in motion detector which enables event controlled recording and the wide range of recording modes ensure that the hard disk capacity is used efficiently.
Other special features include activity related recording and built-in SEDOR® technology for automatic camera sabotage recognition (such as tampering with the focus setting, camera re-alignment or masking).
A great advantage of Dallmeier recorders is that the data can be exported easily and, since the authenticity of the pictures can be proved (LGC Forensics certification), they are accepted for evidential purposes in a court of law.

User-friendly monitoring of the whole shopping centre
Dallmeier has the right solution for monitoring complete shopping centres as well. The integration of different parts of the system is significant here. For example loud speaker announcements, car park barrier controls, intercom functions and of course the high quality CCTV surveillance and video recording with remote control of cameras, all form part of a single system. By bringing together the different functions in a homogenous, fully digital system the operating procedures are simplified and the reaction times reduced hence improving security and service for the visitor.

The core of the system are the networkable DIS devices which combine the functions of a digital video recorder with those of a digital video transmission system. The Linux-based devices use MPEG-2/-4 picture compression process and achieve excellent picture quality with 25 frames per second in full PAL resolution for recording and live transmission (NTSC: 30 fps). The video data streams can be distributed to the display units via the integral Ethernet connection.The DIS devices use Dallmeier’s SeMSy® technology which enables different media data streams (audio, video, control) to be processed and switched easily. Live picture display and recording of video data can take place anywhere in the networked system. Recording can be local or centralised on a server.

In contrast to a conventional analogue matrix, which is only available in one certain location and only has a limited number of inputs and outputs, the virtual matrix allows for additional components to be connected anywhere. There is no limitation to the number of connected components. Therefore, the digital network offers far more flexibility and scalability for future requirements.

Flexibility and expansion potential
Owing to the open, freely scaleable system architecture, the standard interfaces used and the resultant flexibility, expansions are easy to carry out at any time and integrate seamlessly into retail solutions. This ensures that the system is always able to adapt to meet future demands. Dallmeier supports its customers through the planning phase to ensure all components are compatible.

"A worthwhile investment!"
Experience shows that a system can pay for itself in as little as 6 months. And how good an investment in a CCTV surveillance system can be, is demonstrated by the following example from the EDEKA supermarket in Wuppertal, Germany.

The installer began installation work around 8 o’clock in the morning. He worked during normal business hours and at 3 pm he handed the system over to the shop manager. At 17.30 the first case of shoplifting was detected and the culprit caught. 

The behaviour of the offender could be clearly documented: first, the situation is carefully probed, then the culprit returns and repeatedly grabs items from the shelf. He places one item into the shopping trolley, while at the same time putting a number of items in a bag located between the trolley and himself.

The shop manager commented, “The system has paid for itself on its first day. It could prevent shoplifting and protect the stock from the moment it went into service. I didn’t expect such clear sharp pictures, the system is more than convincing.”