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Advantages: Stadium solution

Advantages of the Dallmeier stadium solution

Many of the largest stadiums in the world rely on Dallmeier stadium solutions to ensure safety and improve processes and service levels for fans and customers. Dallmeier combines the unique Panomera®-technology with advanced software and a comprehensive 3D-planning and system testing process (FAT). This approach ensures the highest safety-levels, most detailed information gathering at considerable lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to other solutions. 

Tribune Safety

  • Significantly reduced penalty payments
  • Easier reclaim of penalties from misbehaving fans


  • Improved security and less personnel requirements
  • Automated identification of „blacklisted“ visitors
  • Detection of „tricks“ like changing tickets with standard fans

Fan-ways towards the Stadium

  • Reduced violence and damage also outside the stadium
  • High-quality evidence for court and police
  • Improved protection of victims' rights

Parking Areas

  • Increased safety and protection against vandalism
  • „Value add“ parking place management for better customer experience for sponsors, guests and employess
  • Reduced waiting time and better service experience due to automated number plate registration and processing

Situational awareness

  • Comprehensive, real-time information about the entire stadium environment at any time
  • Efficient task force management „in action“ with fotos, videos, real-time evidence
  • More efficient and automated incident data processing
  • Centralised gathering, processing and forwarding of multi-media incident data: creation of „incident files“ with photos, videos, wittness statements, documents etc.

Business Processes

  • Profit optimisation through utilization of video-generated „business intelligence“
  • Video systems as profit center through „re-selling“ video captured data e.g. to catering, conference or other services organisations
  • Improved processes e.g. in parking, traffic management, catering waiting times and many more

„Covering the entire scene“

  • Unmatched optical coverage at definable resolution density in every corner oft he stadium
  • Unique views and perspectives with a combination of Panomera® and Panomera® 360 degree technologies

Integration of systems

  • More economic operations of the entire physical securtiy and information ecosystem
  • Centralised gathering, processing and forwarding of event and incident data into various systems (police, legal etc.)