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Dallmeier CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for stadiums

Dallmeier security video surveillance systems for stadia

Large-scale events are a major challenge for any organiser. One of the main issues regarding the planning and execution of such events is to ensure the safety of visitors at all times. Video surveillance technology is an indispensable toll to this end, for instance when it comes to securing major sports stadiums. Regarding video surveillance, numerous stadiums around the world rely on products and solutions by Dallmeier.

Whenever a major stadium hosts a great concert or an exciting soccer match, a huge mass of people convene at the site. Growing numbers of visitors though also increase the risk of dangerous situations arising. Those can include objects being thrown onto the playing field or even the displaying of fireworks by fans. Unchecked crowds or brawls between fans are probably among the scenarios that security personnel fear most. In order to prevent such escalations from the start and to ensure the safety of fans and players, a sophisticated video security system provides the necessary overview.

Besides higher security for visitors, CCTV / IP surveillance systems also offer a clear financial benefit for stadiums. Given the fact that large events such as soccer matches attract many international fans, it is important to be able to ward off any potential lawsuits from abroad.

Panomera® for highest detail resolution at every distance
With the Panomera® multifocal sensor system, a huge area can be monitored from a single location extremely efficiently. The most impressive aspect of the product is that it combines the overall view with simultaneous top detail resolution: Even more distant objects are displayed with the same resolution as objects in the foreground of the picture.

An entire stadium can be monitored permanently with just two Panomera® systems, thus the costs for the required infrastructure (masts, cables, electricity, etc.) are substantially lower than for several distributed HD cameras.

Furthermore, Panomera® solves the well-known problem with PTZ cameras whereby the operator has to choose between overview image and detailed view. It does not matter which section of a surveillance area an operator focuses on at any time, because Panomera® always records the entire scene. It is thus possible to later reconstruct any event for use as evidence in court, regardless of where it took place, and to recognise all persons involved (frame by frame playback).

The right camera for every application
To round off the security concept, Dallmeier offers a range of cameras for the outdoor areas of a stadium. Depending on the area of application either high-speed PTZ dome cameras, box cameras or vandal-resistant dome cameras are used. The latter provide for safety and security in sensitive areas, too. Therefore the complete surroundings of the stadiums, including streets and access roads, are also reliably monitored.

Reliable recording
For recording the image data Dallmeier offers different recorders, depending on the size of the respective stadium: From modular one-channel recorders in blade technology and hybrid recording servers which can record both analogue and IP cameras up to network-based VideoIP appliances.

All devices have one thing in common though: a high reliability and failure safety. All components are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and extensively tested prior to being shipped. Dallmeier uses the operating system Linux on all its recorders. It is regarded as being extremely stable in professional circles as it practically never fails. In order to further enhance stability, the operating system was separated from the hard disks and saved on a Flash-ROM. Depending on the application the failure safety can be increased as needed. This can be done for instance through a redundant recording or the use of external storage systems. No matter if they are small regional stadiums or giant arenas such as the Olympic Stadium in Athens or the Soccer City Stadium in South Africa (where the opening and closing matches of the 2010 Soccer World Cup were held), Dallmeier offers the right technology for any applications.

Intuitive operation
The systems are controlled via a professional management software, e.g. the high-performance Security Management System SeMSy®.

SeMSy® enables convenient use and management of various media data streams and also provides live playback and recording of video and audio data anywhere within the networked system SeMSy®. Operational procedures and complex controls can be stored within the system, allowing staff a highly comfortable and intuitive operation. The graphic user interface, into which site plans of the stadiums can be integrated, provides every operator a quick overview of the cameras and corresponding monitors through a graphic complete overview.

In order to make the operation even more convenient, the system can be expanded by an ergonomic video management centre, the VMC-1 "Eagle". Clearly arranged across its three components (Joystick, Jog-Shuttle and keyboard with monitor) it combines all the functionalities that can be expected from a modern video management system. Using the Jog-Shuttle it is easy to find specific images within video sequences. By turning the Jog-Dial security operators can conveniently navigate through individual frames. The joystick of the VMC-1 “Eagle" also allows for the easy control of PTZ cameras. Pan, tilt and zoom movements can thus be carried out intuitively. What distinguishes the VMC-1 “Eagle” is the possibility to display both recorded image material as well as live pictures on the integrated monitor. Site plans and search functions can also be displayed. 

Flexible for future developments
Owing to the flexible IP solutions it is no problem to work across-site so that existing stadiums can be interconnected at a later date and controlled via one joint central control station. In Greece for instance 22 stadiums run together in one control centre, the supervisor monitoring centre.

Owing to the open system architecture of the Dallmeier system the video system remains flexible and scaleable. Future expansions or modifications are easily possible. Hence the stadium solutions by Dallmeier offer long-term investment protection.