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Mobile video surveillance

The mobile video surveillance vehicle

The fully equipped video surveillance vehicle from Johanns Systemhaus meets all requirements for rapid, flexible, uncomplicated deployment of mobile video surveillance and RFID-assisted theft prevention.

Mobile video surveillance
Johanns Systemhaus has installed the very latest Dallmeier video security technology in its video surveillance vehicle. A mast with integrated Panomera®, IR camera, dome camera and RFID antennas is mounted on the vehicle. The equipment needed for recording, video management and alarm reporting via RFID is also included. The video surveillance vehicle can be deployed in support of a fixed-position video surveillance installation or as a fully self-contained system.

Fields of use
Mobile surveillance lends itself particularly well for use in the following areas: surveillance of large expanses, theft prevention in car dealerships, protection of movable objects which must not be moved after a certain time of day, and general video surveillance. The video surveillance vehicle can also be booked for large-scale events, e.g., sporting events, concerts, demonstrations, political rallies, etc. The vehicle is extraordinarily versatile, and can be sent to exactly where it is needed, and can function entirely independently without relying on external power connections.

The video shows a 360° panoramic view of the vehicle:


More info at: www.ueberwachungsfahrzeug.de