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Warranty, service and spare parts

Dallmeier‘s commitment to the quality and stability of its video surveillance products is reflected by the long warranty periods: Dallmeier recording systems are shipped with a 2 year warranty. During this time you are entitled to make use of warranty repairs, and for up to 6 years after the initial purchase you can benefit from the advantages of the unique ServicePlus concept for repairs. Additionally, most of the spare parts are also available during that long period.

1) During the warranty period: warranty pre-exchange
Should any problems occur during the warranty period, you can request a so-called “warranty pre-exchange”. This means that the recording system does not have to be returned to Dallmeier, but you will receive spare parts for defective components straight away – with trained installers taking care of the installation work. Generally every installer has a reasonable stock of spare parts, which means that the parts are available immediately and the replacement work can be carried out quickly.

2) After the warranty period: ServicePlus+12
For many years now, Dallmeier has been the only manufacturer of professional video surveillance technology to offer the special service of "ServicePlus+12". With the repair flat rates "ServicePlus+12" a defective device that has exceeded its warranty period is refurbished so to speak by an exchange of the most important components. The device is then assigned a further warranty period of 12 months for the complete system.
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3) Spare parts
Our advice to installers: Benefit from the sale of spare parts! 
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