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For many years now, Dallmeier has been the only manufacturer of professional video surveillance technology to offer the special service of “ServicePlus+12”. With the repair flat rates “ServicePlus+12 Packages” a defective device that has exceeded its warranty period is refurbished so to speak by an exchange of the most important components. The device is then assigned a further warranty period of 12 months for the complete system.

The various ServicePlus+12 Packages differ with regard to the storage capacity of the recording system. You can choose between capacity variants with and without DVD-RW Drive.

Each ServicePlus+12 Package contains 12 high-level service benefits:

  1. Disassembly of the components that are to be exchanged
  2. Basic cleaning of the system
  3. Replacement of the hard disk (with more or larger hard disks, depending on the package)1)
  4. Replacment of the fan
  5. Replacement of the filter pad
  6. Replacement of the drive2)
  7. Replacement of the power supply unit2)
  8. Other necessary repairs or exchange of individual of components2)
  9. Upgrade of the remaining hardware (in case of a defect) to the required technical state
  10. Installation of the current or latest recorder software respectively
  11. Function test according to the Dallmeier function protocol as with a new system
  12. Acceptance test by the Dallmeier head of service


  • Individual quotations are no longer necessary.
  • Sending in the system in advance for the preparation of offers is no longer necessary.
  • Due to the short-term offer the customer is able to make a fast decision.
  • No more costly transports.
  • Short reaction times (approx. 3 working days) as call-backs for repairs are largely omitted.
  • If the customer requires a larger hard disk capacity than is currently available with his system, he simply orders the package with the desired hard disk equipment according to the list.


  • The offer or the packages respectively exclusively refer to electronic components. Components such as housings, frames and front covers are excluded from the offer.
  • The repair flat rates are only offered for devices that are not older than six years. Day and month of the passage of risk are decisive for the calculation of the six-year period.
  • All ServicePlus+12 orders are subject to our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for ServicePlus in their latest version respectively.
1) Not in connection with devices of the DMX series or generation 5.
2) Only if necessary.
Dallmeier offer ServicePlus+12 packages and repair flat rates.