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Spare parts and sale of spare parts

Our advice to installers: Benefit from the sale of spare parts!

All components are individually available. Benefit from the advantages you get!

If you dispose of the necessary spare parts, you can carry out upgrades or short-term warranty repairs on site yourself (after suitable training). You will have all the replacements you need with you on your first visit at the customer – a second visit will no longer be necessary. This will save time and money and the customer receives fast and professional support.

You will also be able to carry out repairs outside of the recorder’s warranty period yourself. Throughout the year Dallmeier offers training for specialist firms as well as specific training programmes for service technicians. 

Tips & hints to service and maintenance
If you want to learn more about the optimal use of replacement components or have questions regarding service and maintenance of Dallmeier CCTV / IP products, please contact us! The Dallmeier Service department always has valuable advice for you!